John Louis Light


        Joe Light was born on a farm in Dyersburg, Tennessee in 1934. After returning from the army he spent two terms in jail, where he converted to Judaism. Legend has it that the Lord came to him in a vision and showed him the difference in right and wrong, and sent a bird through Joe's bars on a window to prove this was from the Lord. The voice told him that he could make the bird do what he wanted by just thinking. Light through it and the bird did it. "The Birdman" was one of his favorite paintings.

        He lived in Memphis after his release, where he started making various forms of art to express his religious views. After experimenting for a few years he came up with a very recognizable art style, using bold black lines and primary colors. For years he maintained an outdoor environment on his property.

        His work has been exhibited in many museum shows, including Passionate Visions (New Orleans Museum of Art) and Coming Home (University of Memphis.)